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Idea: the fatty liver solution: a holistic approach to a healthier liver

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"Do You Want to Easily Remove All Traces of Excess Fat From Your Liver
Starting Today? It's Time To Transform Your Health By Making Your Liver As
Fat-Free As Possible!"


Dear Friend:

Welcome to my website,

My name is Steve and I've been helping people naturally reverse their
fatty liver for more than 10 years now. In that time, I've gained a
huge amount of knowledge about the most effective, holistic method for
remedying simple fatty liver disease. As a proponent of natural health
and wellness, it is my goal to help anyone who wishes to permanently
reverse their fatty liver with diet and lifestyle changes, so I'd like
to share my knowledge with you, free of charge.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about
fatty liver disease, or signup for my ten-part Fatty Liver email course
below, where you'll receive one lesson per day in your email box.

In myFREEMinicourse, You'll Learn:

* Where to go to fully understand the implications of fatty liver
* The importance of understanding the four phases of fatty liver
diseases, from simple fatty liver to advanced cirrhosis
* Tips for avoiding the risk factors for fatty liver and liver
disease in general
* How to get diagnosed for fatty liver disease
* A step-by-step guide to the major causes of fatty liver disease
* All about what to expect once you apply a holistic method to
naturally reversing NAFLD
* The step-by-step process for applying the best nutrition principles
to your diet
* The truth about healthy cooking
* Much, much more!

Yes, Steve! I Want to Learn the Secrets of Curing Fatty Liver Naturally!

Send Me MyFree"Fatty Liver" Email Course Today!



You Will Receive the First Lesson in Your Inbox Immediately.

100% Spam Free! I Value Your Email Privacy. You may
unsubscribe at anytime.

Just LOOK At What Others Are Saying!

Testimonial 1

I have been having strange signs and symptoms for around 2 years now
that physicians have not been able to explain , including bilary colic,
inflamation of the liver, malabsorption of vitamins etc. I stumbled
into this book and I purchased it after my doctor informed me that I
have some fat on my liver following an ultrasound and an MRI scan.
Although my physican explained these symptoms are not associated with
each other, Steve Wanschers book appears to draw a really clear image
of how these things interrelate and it appears like he is saying that
they are all a result of the same thing, fatty liver. The book dealt
with and clearly explained every part of the disease, occasionally
better than my doctor. It offers great directions and diet plans as
well as other recommendations to help me along. It also has great
personal reflections from a person who was affected by this and how he
beat it.



Testimonial 2

I was diagnosed to be "pre-diabetic" and "insulin resistant" a long
time ago. The recommendation from my doctor was "diet and physical
exercise while you take these pills". Sadly, the medications made me
feel like crap and stopped me from burning an ounce. After that, an
abdominal ultra-sound made a diagnosis of "Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver"
and since then, I have been reading scads of books regarding my
condition but most are unsatisfactory. In this book, Steve actually
gives reasonable, actionable advice. I have been following his advice
for four months now and I have lost over 10 pounds. That may not sound
like much, but it is something I have not been able to accomplish for
over five years, so it is a cause for celebration at my house. Best of
all, the trend in weight loss in continuing steadily.


Ben Whales

Testimonial 3

I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver (non alcoholic). I did almost exactly
what Steve instructed in this book and less than 6 months later, my
liver function test was normal, also my cholesterol was down as well as
blood sugar and blood pressure. I have a new lease on life. The book is
Well worth a read for anyone struggling with weight and other chronic
health issues .Great book and advice.

North Carolina


Sign up for your free Fatty Liver Email Course Now!

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Fatty Liver Disease!



100% Spam Free! I Value Your Email Privacy. You may
unsubscribe at anytime.



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